Return of the goddesses


Oh Mary dear, it was such a wonderful trip to Egypt.  Despite the colossal ding dong with Binky, my jewellery and him ending up floundering in the Nile, I feel quite refreshed and invigorated!

Yes Agatha, at it all ended quite splendidly I thought.  After all, you deserve better than a conniving snake for a partner, I always suspected he was being disingenuous about his adoration of your thighs.

Well, quite, but let us not fall into the trap of feeling worthy only because of our bodies.  Let’s face it dear one, they have lasted pretty well.  I was amazed at how sprightly you were at dodging the hashish sellers in the markets

Well… I do have a tiny confession to make Agatha.  I was not totally successful.  One rather persuasive gentleman did manage to convince me that his particular strain was pure and gorgeous so I did partake in a puff or two whilst you were having tea with that carpet seller!


I thought you were a little wide eyed and excitable afterwards dear, so that explains it.  So, did it take you to new heights of ecstasy Mary?

No, it just made me light headed and peckish.  Still, the delicious falafel and flatbreads afterwards took care of that side effect!

And now, here we are, back in Blighty with our Earl Grey and custard creams.  It all seems rather dull in comparison.

Not a bit of it.  Remember, dear, we have our annual underwear fitting at Rigby & Peller tomorrow.  Always something to look forward to.  Despite the extra poundage we have no doubt gathered on our travels, I am keen to see their new lines.

Oh yes, I had forgotten Agatha.  I agree, it’s quite a treat to be fitted for snug and supportive underwear by capable hands.  Isn’t the charming Ethel at the shop also underwear supplier to Her Majesty?

She used to be I believe, but since the incident with the mix up in the order – when apparently a box of racy lacy red frivolities was delivered instead of the sturdy cream numbers our beloved Queen prefers – dear old Ethel has been off the list.  Still, she looks after us very well.

Yes she does, and I am given to understand that she has some interesting pieces in this season.  I was reading an article on the aeroplane about how attractive undergarments are now available for the less than stick perfect figure.  It was that talented American, Lena Dunham, who has been getting her kit off again, this time in rather lovely lingerie to show women everywhere that your body should be celebrated, whatever it’s shape.

Lena Dunham in Lonely lingerie

But Mary, surely at our age we should be acting, and dressing, appropriately?  I mean to say, youthful vigour is all very well in the young, but by the time you get to our age dear, most people just regard it as eccentricity

Absolutely not dear, you and I have always been eccentric – it runs in our families and age has nothing to do with it.  So let’s put propriety to one side tomorrow, and try out some daring lingerie.

Allright dear, just so long as it provides support where needed.  

Absolutely my dear, I managed to catch Woman’s Hour the other day and they had a lovely lady from Selfridges in who worked in the lingerie department ensuring that our bosoms are truly nurtured with the right underwear.  Interestingly she said that women, no matter what size or shape, are relentlessly hard on themselves about some aspect of their body.

But that is dreadful dear.  We really must be celebrating our bodies more.  I believe we should start wearing lingerie that suits us and makes us feel good, pamper ourselves with positive thoughts and dismiss that negative committee that tends to sit on one’s shoulders.

Yes, just like those Egyptian Goddesses, one of whom decided to sport a fake beard I understand – now that is eccentric!  

How completely magnificent Mary, and I must say it reminds me of your aunt Bernie, the one who used to dress as a chap.  Yes, she really was quite different, never gave a fig about what people thought of her.  Don’t you remember when she was playing Hamlet down in Minack as part of the summer festival and came on in the final scene wearing just a flimsy vest and pantaloons – no brassiere – she caused quite a stir.


My goodness dear I’d quite forgotten.  I do remember the critics being quite perplexed that a woman could play so convincing a role and be so liberated as to not give a hoot about convention.  Also I believe the audience sitting in the front row got quite an unexpected eyeful when the vest blew up over her head during a sharp gust of wind.

Yes indeed, and her large frontage was certainly passed down to you dear – happily you keep yours in check.  Still, it was a talking point amongst Shakespearian scholars, you know, the juxtaposition of the male and female, and Hamlet’s obsession with his mother embodied by him possessing breasts.

How we hooted with laughter dear!  Bernie was not making a point about anything, she simply had a wardrobe malfunction.

Isn’t it amazing how we tend to overthink these things dear.  I think we should all take a leaf out of dear Aunt Bernie’s book, and just be ourselves and throw caution to the wind.

Yes, just so long as it doesn’t lift up your shirt and reveal a little too much!

I believe you may have a point Mary dear.  Another custard cream?

Ooh yes please dear.  Home made?

Of course.


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8 thoughts on “Return of the goddesses

  1. Haha! Yes, should all wear what we like! & as for bloody bra sizes – they’re not even the same for different styles of bra so nearly impossible to get right!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.


  2. Hahaha! I always look forward to reading your posts 🙂 This is fab and yes, we should wear what we like and be proud of our bodies no matter what shape…. or shapeless shape they are in. It’s funny, when I think back to when I was in my twenties and slim, I used to always worry about what I looked like. Now a mummy, at least twice the size and with wobbly bits … I don’t tend to give a hoot. Thanks so much for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx


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