We love a good natter, don’t we Mary?

Indeed we do Agatha.  As long at it includes sitting with a cup of tea if its before 5pm,  after which any beverage is allowed as long as its gin or a chilled glass of something expensive.

Quite, Mary.  But we do also talk about what’s going on for young gals out there.  Not like in our day, when we wore pinnies and smoked like chimneys, whilst baking a super Victoria sponge.  Nowadays, gals have to work to make ends meet, battle with difficult bosses, toe the company line and still put food on the table for the little ones.

Of course, Agatha, some gals are lucky, they have a sharing husband – is that what they’re called?

Not if you mean they share him with other ladies, no dear.

No,silly.  I mean the husband shares the chores, childcare, cooking, bins – the kind of stuff we used to get the maid to do, if you remember that far back darling?

Only vaguely dear, and certainly not after a few stiff ones.

But we do want to hear from them, the working ladies, and the stay at home ladies, about what its like for them, how they cope, and if we, as members of the aged community, can offer advice to smooth their way a little.

Indeed Mary, we would love any comments or shared stories about the ups and downs of daily life, work, family, kids, juggling and all that kind of thing.

As long as we can get to grips with this bog thingie – and the twitting thing, its very confusing.

Dear heart, its called a blog, and one tweets apparently.  How things change!

Love to all you gals, look forward to hearing from you!

Agatha Pringle and Mary Panattoni x